Mode of action of Spinomed

Activation of the muscles of the back and abdomen

Spinomed back braces start strengthening the muscles as soon as they are put on

Because, in contrast to standard corsets or girdles, they activate the muscles of the back and abdomen. As a result, the torso is kept permanently straight.

The mode of action in detail

All Spinomed models work according to the same principle of action: biofeedback.

Together with the back splint, the elastic stretch materials exert noticeable tension forces on the pelvic and shoulder areas. So if patients slump into a faulty posture (rounded back), their braces automatically exert gentle pressure to remind them of the correct posture.

This tension effect elicits reflex contraction of the muscles of the back and the abdomen. Patients straighten their upper bodies again with their own muscle power. The advantage: the musculature is permanently strengthened. The more erect posture also makes deep breathing easier and relieves pain. The reduced tendency to sway ensures that patients can stand more safely.

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