Joint therapy

With supports and braces

Joint therapy with supports and braces

Supports and braces as the central treatment element

Supports and braces are a central element in the conservative and postoperative treatment of joint conditions.

Here you will find information about the success rates that can be achieved for individual clinical pictures with the consistent use of supports and braces as well as about the use of medi's supports and braces for certain indications.

medi supports and braces achieve more

With disorders of the locomotor apparatus it is essential to stabilise, fix and mobilise the affected joint. Supports and braces provide exactly these functions.

Optimum adaptation of the products to the anatomical situation together with other product benefits ensure optimum comfort in wear. Because the patient will only wear the prescribed device regularly if he/she accepts it and is convinced of its wearing comfort. In this way, medi creates the very best conditions for the best possible treatment outcome by making the orthoses very comfortable to wear.

Furthermore, medi's products give you and your patients safety.

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