igli Rigidus

Minimises symptoms, relieves stress on joints

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igli Control

Reduce symptoms and pain and support joints.

Hallux rigidus is a painful irritative condition of the joint at the base of the big toe that impairs rollover when walking and running. This can lead to progressive symptoms in the knee, hip or back.

The carbon bar and the posts in igli Control work together to relieve and stabilise the joint and to correct the gait. If used properly, this can quickly make a major contribution to relieving pain and inflammation.


  • relieves pain and stabilises the joint
  • supports and guides the foot to provide relief
  • carbon bar and cradling relieve stress on the joints
  • interactive stimulation of muscle activity and perception

Use for:

  • Hallux rigidus

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Stimulating elements


The posts are secured to the carbon by Velcro so they can be positioned wherever they are needed. Different sizes enable the effect of the igli carbon insole to be altered during the course of treatment. Thus the healthcare professional can adapt the insole individually to the patient's needs.